Technology Leader

  • Committed to the design and manufacture of architectural-grade LED lighting solutions.
  • More than 25 years of fixture design and manufacturing experience.
  • Proprietary technologies and patent holders in electronic circuit controls, optical technology, heat dissipation mechanisms, and heat transfer systems.
  • Advanced lighting options combining precision optics, low-operating temperatures, and maximum life.


  • Our fixtures are just built better, period.
  • Less than a 1% failure rate across the full product line.
  • A complete thermally managed system in all fixtures allows one of the lowest junction temperatures in the industry at the solder point of the LED. More copper provides significant heat dissipation.

LED Excellence

  • Top-Quality Nichia Bin sorted LEDs in every fixture flawlessly combined with precision optics.
  • 2- Step MacAdam Ellipse binning (SCDM – Standard Deviation of Color Matching).

Precision Optics

  • In-house optical design team.
  • Fixtures specifically designed to direct lumen output exactly where needed producing a brighter, more even illumination using less power.

Power and Control

  • Integrated power supplies in AC fixtures simplify installation and enables longer runs with intuitive plug-and-play technology.
  • Enhanced dimming is smooth and flicker-free, as low as 1%.
  • DMX modules are integrated into the LED boards of each RGB and RGBW fixture for simplified programming.

Sturdy Construction

  • Anodized, extruded-aluminum housing.
  • Top quality stainless hardware.
  • Durable, reliable connectors up to an IP66 rating.