Did you know that the storefront of your retail space typically has less than five (5) seconds to make an impression on potential customers? That means being effective at grabbing the attention of consumers as fast and effective as possible is incredibly important. In essence, your store or shop is not only competing with other stores and shops, it’s also competing with just about every distraction and stimuli known to humans. It’s no wonder why economists have termed the current environment “the attention economy.”

So, how do you grab the attention of the people who are in the market to purchase your products and or services, and how can you stand out from your competition? The bottom line is that installing architectural LED lighting boosts sales because it grabs the attention of consumers and makes them want to visit your retail outlet. The most effective retail experts and lighting designers are well aware of this fact. That’s why they incorporate bright, colorful, cost-effective, and on-brand lighting solutions from the Smart Lighting Company that draws attention away from the competition and directly to your retail storefront.

Architectural LED lighting solutions taps into our innate attraction to vivid light. It also stimulates the natural emotions that specific lighting brings to mind. When you catch the attention and eye of your potential customers with architectural LED lighting, you win the first and most important contest between yourself and your competition. Architectural LED lighting provides you with the ability to both amplify and control your customers’ experiences. People are hard-wired to connect certain colors with specific experiences and emotions.

Colorful architectural LED lighting gives you the opportunity to turn this fact to your advantage. You can even project the experiences that you want your customers to enjoy before they step foot through your door. For example, if you want to create a customer experience that’s inviting and calm then use cooler white and softer green colored LED lighting. They act as a calming agent that quickly signals to potential customers that your brand is here to provide them with peace of mind and relaxation.

On the other hand, if your brand is based on a product or service that creates a sense of excitement then a great way to evoke that emotion and elevate your customers mood is by utilizing eye-catching LED lighting colors such as red. In addition, your lighting solution has an incredibly powerful effect on how customers view your products and or services, how safe they feel purchasing your products and or services, and how they perceive your overall brand. Lighting should be used as an emotional tool that sets the entire stage for the vibe and feel that you want your customers to experience from the second they lay their eyes on your store.

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The Smart Lighting Company is a smart technology leader that is fully committed to the design and manufacturing of architectural- grade LED lighting solutions. We are incredibly proud of the fact that our company is patent holders in multiple proprietary technologies such as electronic circuit controls, optical technology, heat dissipation mechanisms, and heat transfer systems. We also have over 25 years experience in fixture design and manufacturing. Our advanced lighting options combine precision optics, low-operating temperatures and maximum life. The bottom line is that our lighting figures are built better. Period.