If you’re looking to create a feature staircase or would like to add a bit of prestige to an entrance at a commercial or residential building, then an illuminated handrail is the perfect solution. Architects, engineers, and designers are utilizing our LED illuminated interior and exterior lighting systems in order to put a strong emphasis on their designs. This certainly isn’t a surprising development, because architectural LED lighting provides a beautiful way to accent design elements that simply cannot be achieved with older lighting technology.

In addition, LED accent lighting is both a cost effective and energy efficient solution that provides an element of safety as well. When metal or glass interior or exterior railings are designed with LEDs instead of the more traditional halogen, incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, it provides a far more eye-catching and innovative design aspect. In essence, our LED handrail are a far more appealing alternative. The added bonus is the fact that they are far less costly to maintain.

Architectural LED lighting has absolutely amazing aesthetics, provides superior safety, and is energy efficient. Our LED illuminated railing system puts the light exactly where it’s needed. The bottom line is LEDS are bright. They can be easily installed in railings, which completely eliminates the need for other ancillary lighting. Our LED handrail fixtures reflect great on walking surfaces. They do not add unnecessary ambient light. This feature is of particular importance in applications such as museums, theaters, and homes. Adding an EM backup is also an advantage when safety is a concern.

The aesthetics also become quite obvious with our LED illuminated handrails. The main goal of any lighting designer is to add to the beauty, efficiency and safety of the building to meet the needs of the people who are utilizing it. The addition of our LED illuminated handrail not only meets, but far exceeds these design parameters by focusing on and highlighting the architectural style and design. With our illuminated LED handrail line, designers can use a wide array of customizable railing designs, along with various finishes and mounting options to make a real statement in any building they are responsible for designing.

The Smart Lighting Company is your single source for all of your architectural lighting needs. If you’re looking for a high-quality interior or exterior architectural LED lighting solution, please contact us today.

The Smart Lighting Company is a smart technology leader that is fully committed to the design and manufacturing of architectural- grade LED lighting solutions. We are incredibly proud of the fact that our company is patent holders in multiple proprietary technologies such as electronic circuit controls, optical technology, heat dissipation mechanisms, and heat transfer systems. We also have over 25 years experience in fixture design and manufacturing. Our advanced lighting options combine precision optics, low-operating temperatures and maximum life. The bottom line is that our lighting figures are built better. Period.