You can create absolutely stunning visual spaces with wall washing and wall grazing LED lights. Choosing the right type of illumination technique makes a tremendous difference on how lighting impacts both the perception and mood of a space. That being said, there are a plethora of factors that influence how we see light. For example, the position of the fixture and brightness of the fixture certainly come into play in this regard. The hue and saturation are also crucial aspects that need to be considered.

The bottom line here is the fact that illuminating the surface of a wall with architectural LED lighting adds a memorable visual experience to the space. This effect is accomplished with either the wall washing method or the wall grazing method. It’s important to pair the wall lighting method with the type of surface that’s being highlighted in order to achieve the desired effect. In essence, it makes a significant difference if the wall is textured or smooth. So, what’s the actual difference between wall washing and wall grazing? Wall washing happens when an entire wall is lit up from top to bottom in a uniform manner.

The wall washing method hides any blemishes and or imperfections by eliminating the shadows that are typically used for smooth, matte-finished and light-colored surfaces. The wall washing technique focuses on the vertical surface. That way, smaller spaces feel far more extensive. That makes wall washing the perfect architectural LED lighting technique for highlighting a particular focal point on the wall. In addition, wall washing can add to the overall illumination of the space depending on the color of the wall.

On the other hand, wall grazing focuses attention on the textured vertical surfaces of the wall because it creates exaggerated shadows and reveals the design of the texture. In essence, the shadows are the focal point of the wall, and your eyes are drawn to the wall’s texture. The desired grazing effect is created by placing the architectural LED lighting fixture where the light beam impacts the wall at a narrow angle. Architects, engineers, and designers across the globe are utilizing our budget friendly interior wall wash and graze HB308i or HB3014i architectural LED lighting solution in order to highlight their designs.

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in the industry. For example, we incorporate the best Nichia LEDs into our fixtures. In addition, we also design and manufacture our own optics that create a beam of light that goes exactly where you want it to go.

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