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Wall grazing and wall washing are architectural LED accent lighting methods that add quite a bit of visual interest to the walls of residential homes, which are often overlooked elements of the interior and exterior design. In essence, wall grazing and or wall washing can be utilized in order to evoke a specific lighting-based atmosphere. Although wall grazing and wall washing are achieved through the use of similar methods, they do produce different end results. Wall grazing is an LED lighting technique that’s achieved by using narrow optics and positioning the lights closer to the wall, either from the floor or ceiling/ground or roof, to force the beam of light to hit the wall at a narrow angle.

The angle creates shadows that draw the eye to the texture of the wall. By moving the LED lights closer to or further from the wall, which changes the angles, the shadows can be diminished or deepened. An interior waterfall with a rocky backdrop is a good example of wall grazing. Your eyes are drawn to the rugged wall because a wall grazing LED lighting feature is highlighting the unique texture of the rocky backdrop. Wall grazing can also be utilized to highlight the exterior of residential walls that are made from stone. LED lights that are positioned closely on the ground can emphasize the rough and jagged edges of the stones. This creates an incredibly dramatic appearance when it’s dark outside.

Wall grazing is also a good way to accent interior brick and or stone walls at residential homes. Our budget friendly SB8 or HB3014 architectural LED fixtures with optics, can be placed at the top or bottom of the brick or stone wall in order to create the desired visual effect. The wall grazing technique calls attention to the mortar and crevices that are between the bricks or stones that make up the wall. Wall grazing also establishes a stately atmosphere and increases the shadows on older stone pillars.

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