As you know, facades are the front facing or principal front exterior sides of a building. In essence, the facade is one of the most important exterior design elements since it goes a long way in determining the overall look and feel of the structure. In addition, facades play a crucial role regarding the acoustic performance, energy efficiency, and of course light transmittance of the building. The bottom line is that the facade has a tremendous impact on the overall aesthetics of a building, and our LED facade lighting sets the tone.

Illuminating the facade of a building with the right choice in LED lights can completely transform even the most boring exterior into something that is not only beautiful but is also eye-catching. Our architectural LED facade lighting solutions puts a definitive emphasis on the key building features. According to lighting design experts, when a building is lit in an elegant manner, it creates a first and lasting impression that attracts employees, customers/clients, and or residents. That means facade lighting with the best architectural LED fixtures is incredibly important.

A well-designed facade lighting plan not only highlights the main features of the building, but also adds an artistic atmosphere by adding the proper amount of shadows. For example, highlighting a feature with our HB50 Series makes that feature far more visible. On the other hand, silhouetting has a completely different effect because the lights are placed behind an object in order to light up the backdrop. In addition, many lighting designers utilize our HB50 series to up-light pillars and columns.

It adds a simple contrast, and or accentuates the object to make it the center of attraction. By the way, our HB50 Series of architectural LED lighting has the capacity to illuminate over eight (8) stories in height. The proper facade lighting adds a positive vibe that sets the tone for the entire building. A facade may appear different in shape, size, or even design during the day then it does at night when it’s illuminated by architectural LED lighting.

Lighting the facade of a building with a professional outdoor lighting solution from The Smart Lighting Company creates dramatic effects that completely enhances the night-time aesthetics of any commercial building. In essence, our LED facade lighting solutions complements the overall charm of the building and adds a glamorous finishing touch.

The Smart Lighting Company only produces the highest quality and best performing illuminated LED fixtures in the industry. For example, we incorporate the best Nichia LEDs into our fixtures. In addition, we also design and manufacture our own optics that create a beam of light that goes exactly where you want it to go.

The Smart Lighting Company is your single source for all of your architectural lighting needs. If you’re looking for a high-quality interior or exterior architectural LED lighting solution, please contact us today.

The Smart Lighting Company is a smart technology leader that is fully committed to the design and manufacturing of architectural- grade LED lighting solutions. We are incredibly proud of the fact that our company is patent holders in multiple proprietary technologies such as electronic circuit controls, optical technology, heat dissipation mechanisms, and heat transfer systems. We also have over 25 years’ experience in fixture design and manufacturing. Our advanced lighting options combine precision optics, low-operating temperatures, and maximum life. The bottom line is that our lighting figures are built better. Period.